Justin White, a Fine Artist from Englewood, Chicago. Born April 12, 1997, with a progressive eye disease, called Keratoconus Disease. This disease progressed rapidly starting when he was 13 and continued to get worse and eventually making him around 90% blind; Distorting Justins visual appearance of things and giving his environment a starry, ghost like, drag effect; and putting a halo like appearance on things and people around him. His disease created many different problems with relationships and everyday life.But through this adversity, Justin uses this to create detailed, and Indescribably beautiful masterpiece’s on canvas with every single medium he can get his hands on.. He knows his work and thoughts will last past his time and goes by the name “Foreva” to represent this and his way of thinking. Justin doesn't let anything hold him back, and aims to continue to widen his perspective and mind too keep his constant growth . Justin truly believes God is using him as a tool for the future of creatives or just that one person in the world that needs his message and energy.


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